Benghazi Coverup

Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans were killed in Benghazi, Libya on 9/11/2012. While they were dying, our President continued to campaign for re-election. For 14 days after their lives were lost, the Obama Administration repeatedly went on the record saying that there was a protest related to a Youtube video, and that it was NOT a terrorist attack.

 Please watch this interview with Charles Woods. It is heartbreaking and shameful that our President has disregarded these American lives. Why are more people not asking questions about this? To tell a former Navy SEAL to “stand down” and not try to protect Americans lives is contradictory to everything they stand for. Tyrone Woods disregarded that order to do what he knew was right, and he gave his life trying to save the lives of others. Our President wants you to believe that this “Benghazi incident” is being over-politicized by the Romney Ryan Campaign, as if this is no big deal. Despicable.

On 9/14/2012 (3 days after the attack) the White House Press Secretary Jay Carney held a press conference where he said, “Let me be clear, these protests were in reaction to a video that had spread to the region, we certainly don’t know otherwise. WE HAVE NO INFORMATION TO SUGGEST THAT IT WAS A PREPLANNED ATTACK.”


Tuesday, 10/23/12, The White House knew within 2 hours of the Benghazi attack that a Islamic militant group was claiming credit for the attack. An email was sent from the State Department’s Operations Center to multiple government offices, including addresses at the White House, carrying the subject line “Update 2: Ansar al-Sharia Claims Responsibility for Benghazi Attack.” You can read the Rueters story. Why is the White House trying to cover this up?

On 10/16/12, our President claimed that he called it a terrorist attack the day after it happened. Watch the videos, and let us know whether it looks like Obama’s Administration is covering something up or not!


The speech that President Obama claims to have called this incident “an act of terror” in can be seen HERE. As you can see, he does not say that it was a terrorist attack, he simply states that the United States condemns this attack. Then he talks about respecting “all faiths,” and how it was “senseless violence.” Our President claims that this will not sever our ties with Libya, and that Libyans security forces tried to help our Americans. NEVER DOES HE SAY THAT THIS WAS A TERRORIST ATTACK, LIKE HE SAID DURING THE 2ND PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE ON 10/16/2012.

If our President KNEW the day after the Benghazi attack, like 99% of all Americans that saw the news stories, that it was a TERRORIST attack, why is it his administration kept repeating fabricated stories about a protest over a Youtube video?


18 thoughts on “Benghazi Coverup

  1. Anonymous

    Every time I see reporting on this killing in Libya I want to start crying for the 4 brave innocent Americans who died, for their families and for our country that this is what we have come to with an Obama administration. This is the most corrupt administration certainly in my 57 years as with Nixon’s Watergate……no one died!!! Where is the justice in this country? Where is the press in this country? Why is this not become one of the most important issues in our election today?
    God help this country as it is going down the tubes and those of us watching feel unable to stop it.

      1. admin Post author

        No, the fact that you believe the liberal media and all of their lies is the reason our country is going down the tubes. At least we agree on something though. Stupid Americans like you are the problem.

    1. Joel Brothers

      Clearly, we, as a still mostly-free country, in order to remain free, need to establish guidelines and procedures for holding our elected officials responsible for acts of misconduct, violations of their Oath of Office, illegal activity, and breeches of the public trust. Currently, they can claim Soveriegn Immunity. These procedures need to be independent of the Administration, and Congress (so they can’t cover themselves..), and should go through the Justice System. An independent council should be formed that monitors government activity, and they would have the power, on a unanimous vote, to file charges against personnel in Federal Court. The Court would have the power to remove them from office, and impose punishments including imprisonment, for gross violations.

      If we don’t start holding our elected officials responsible for what they do in office, then our country, as we know it, will not last much longer.

  2. Anonymous

    This is the worst coverup I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. It was a botched kidnapping – Obama was behind it. This is why our military wasn’t called in to assist. It was supposed to play out, and Steven was supposed to be kidnapped, and then exchanged for the Blind Sheikh – to make Obama look like a hero, just before the election. A lot of people are going to rot in hell for this one!

  3. Anonymous

    Why do you people act like a cover up is such a surprise? This wasn’t the first cover up perpetrated by a presidential administration, and it certainly won’t be the last. Did you people forget about the last 60 years of our nation’s history? Since the end of WWII/start of the cold war and the rise of organizations such as the CIA, misleading the American people has been regular occurrence by both Democrat and Republican administrations. To use this a an excuse to attack the Obama administration alone condones or flat out ingores the actions of previous administrations and is little more than rabblerousing

  4. Anonymous

    A general in the region was mobilizing troops and support for the embassy and could not get “Cross Border Authority” to be able to send the relief troops in. This meant that no armed U.S.response was possible WITHOUT presidential authorization for those troops to cross Libyan borders to assist. Our dear POTUS would NOT grant that authority, so the general had to have his troops and planes stand down!!!!! This is totally outrageous.

  5. Anonymous

    I don’t get it what was the cover up? I am not saying there wasn’t one but what was the cover-up? Can someone lay out the case for me? Did Obama know ahead of time and did nothing about it? Did the administration perpetrate the attacks? I find both of these things improbable.Did they just not want to call it an act of terror? Is that big cover up? They didn’t want to call it an act of terror? At least the 9-11 truthers and the birther hu-ha had some arguments and evidence backing them up. Not good evidence or arguments but they had some. What really bothers me is that the Obama administration has killed an American Citizens in a drone strike without trial. Granted they aided terrorists but this is a gross violation of the Constitution. I think you are working for the Obama administration pushing this obvious bullshit conspiracy theory so that they can get away with murder.

  6. Anonymous

    willie lynch google him and see how everyone is programmed to be at each others throats divide and conquer it’s really that simple if we ever got together we would be unstoppable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    This overly political Whitehouse did not want a “terrorist” problem right before the election simply because it went against their terrorism is fixed campaign spin. If they knew about it as it was happening and had time to respond (which I suspect, but can’t be certain) then keeping other US forces away was probably meant to minimize the incident. Four dead, in the grand scheme of any war/struggle, is not a big deal. More people die in military training mishaps. Maybe they thought the press would ignore it, since the press generally goes along with them anyway.

    When that didn’t work, they tried to play it off as a spontaneous and unforeseeable tragedy caused by yet more callous/insensitive and shameful American behavior posting some video.

    It would also not be the first time that HRC could not understand why we are bothering to ask the real reason behind American deaths. Hilldog, just because you don’t care or understand what the difference is, doesn’t mean the rest of us are as confused or cold hearted.

    I would like to see Muslims do more to stand up against their violent minority. Every time some Muslim nut case goes and blows something up, or shoots a bunch of people, it gets harder for me to fight that Muslims are all violent wackos stereotype. It makes me want to get a t-shirt that says Muhammad is my Bitch, with a suitable graphic of Muhammad’s head on the body of an ugly little female dog. Then I want to go find some radicals who hate Americans, kick their ass, piss on them, and defile them somehow to make sure they go straight to wacko hell.

    The short of it is, you peaceful Muslims, who claim to be the majority, you need to get off your collective violence condoning asses and reign in your wackos. They sure as shit are not doing you any favors. Regular guys like me who had nothing against your religion before are turning into kick Muslim ass on sight because of them.

  8. Anonymous

    Where is your SHUTUPGWBUSH webpage?? He was president when America got attacked on 9/11/2001 right? He was in a damn elementary school reading nursery rhymes while thousands of innocent americans lost their lives? Then this dummy lies about Nukes just to invade a country that nothing to do with 9/11! He should be shot for war crimes because thousands of American troops got killed or wounded for what?

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